Business Card

Business Card

New business card for this summer!

The branding reflects the hardcover portfolio book I put out in June. Printed on high gloss 24pt stock.

Poster Aug 28 Kamloops

This poster is for Sharks’ first all ages show in Kamloops since 2011. We’re excited, especially since our guitarist’s brother plays in the opening band. Brother bands!

Amazing photography by Katie Hodgson.

Variations: 11×17, 8.5×11, Handbills

August 8 With High Hopes Show Poster

This show poster is for a double CD release party in Saskatoon, SK for Come Hell Or High Water and 10th Avenue. High Hopes are headlining and they’re definitely a band to check out.

Joel is a pop-punk angel.

Book Screenshot

I have a book! I’m really excited.

It’s a 96 page portfolio of my favorite design work in an 10×8 inch hardcover book with a dust jacket. It features my best poster designs, identities, album covers and websites, presented in a super clean layout.

Book Screenshot

Spread 1

Spread 2

Spread 3

2013 July Mini Tour

This poster is for a joint mini-tour between Sharks! On Fire!, The Harbour Sound and Trace The Sky. There’s a variation for each of the cities we’re set to play in: Victoria, Nanaimo, Surrey (pictured), Kelowna and Vernon.

Check out the event page on facebook for this particular show, and for the rest of the dates keep you eyes on the Sharks Official Website. With any luck, we’ll be posting the rest of the details within the next few days.

The Wonderyears Poster

This was an exciting poster to make. Both Silverstein and The Wonderyears are major label bands with quite a lot of pull. This poster features the Wonderyears’ mascot holding a synth. I guess it’s sort of shameless but I think it’s just plain neat.

Check out the event on facebook, it’s probably going to be my favorite show this year. Aside from the Sharks CD release show back in Jan.

Promo Sticker 2013

A few months ago I made this little business card / promo card for Sharks! On Fire! that also doubles as a sticker. It’s been a great guerilla marketing tool for us, and it’s been super cool to see crops of them popping up in different neighborhoods around town.

I’ve been sent a few snap-shots of them out in the wild by friends and fans, so I thought I would post them.

I love that they seem hard to rip off.


Sticker Two Shot

Sticker Full


Sticker On Pole

It’s my 23rd birthday in May, so I decided to celebrate with a mini-tour around the BC! After heading into the interior, I’ll be hitting up Olympia Pizza in Surrey with my band Sharks On Fire and our friends GreenTree, Count Me In and The Deadset.

At 13″ x 19″ this poster is larger than most of my other work, and is printed on recycled kraft paper for a darker look. I used simple ketchup for the fake blood which was a horrible, horrible experience for me.


May 4 Posters

For more about the mini-tour, click here for my post on the Sharks Blog.

S!OF Website Display

This website incorporates a lot of different media into a single, easy to navigate experience. I combined a complete branding overhaul with a responsive WordPress layout that rearranges elements as necessary to accommodate various screen resolutions.

The resulting design has a clean layout with a high energy feel that includes videos, music and a lot more.

  • WordPress
  • Responsive Theme
  • SEO
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Store
  • Image Carousel and Galleries
  • Streaming Music and Videos

View the live site at

Front Page

This site also features a fair amount of original image work, including some desktop background downloads (which you can grab full resolution versions of right here).

Desktop Background

Desktop Background

Desktop Background

Desktop Background