There’s been talk in certain circles about the state of various Vancouver music scenes, saying crazy things like “the scene is dead” and “there’s nothing here anymore” in regards to a lot of Pop/Rock/Punk bands breaking up and a lack of all ages venues locally.

We want to tell you that the scene isn’t dead. There’s lots of up and coming bands still holding their own (huge kudos to you!) and talented new bands emerging.

So with that said, a bunch of us local musicians got together to organize a special night that I’m super proud to present to you: Return Of The Scene 2015.

I hope you enjoy this awesomely stacked bill at Olympia Pizza and I’m also using this opportunity to announce my new project, Air Combat. Which I’m both incredibly scared and also incredibly excited to present to all of you.

I can’t wait to see everyone and scream my heart out with a big dumb smile on my face.

-Sheldon Stenning.

Saturday June 20
Olympia Pizza
10257 King George Highway
6:00 Doors
$10 presale / $12 doors

///// The Bands

Alternative emo / post hardcore
Brand new to the scene, AC is made up of ex members of Sharks On Fire, Fighting For Ithaca, A Cold City Night and Solitary Silence. Formed after what could be called “a really shitty 2014″, AC is the product of successes, failures, hopes and dreams. The stubborn refusal to give in to obstacles and the tendency to always come back swinging.

Pop Drop & Rule
This Side of Town is a high-energy pop/rock band from the Vancouver area with music that fuses together driving beats and punchy guitar riffs accompanied by expressive lyricism. Their songs capture an honest outlook on the world from a dreamer’s perspective – from angsty anthems to lessons about love and life.

New Rock/ Alternative/ Progressive
Unchecked ambition. Thunderous impact. Passionate social and political commentary. A sound that balances powerful dynamics, densely layered sonic richness, and direct emotion; melodramatic indie appeal and the timeless sound of stadium rock. Within Rust works with a tireless drive to bring these things to sonic fruition. Formed in the basements of North Delta in 2012 by friends Nolen Scott (vocals, keyboards), Matt Gage (guitars) and Lewis Scott (drums), the band set to work immediately, releasing its debut EP ‘Born’ in early 2013. and honing their live chops with a relentless schedule of local gigs. After the addition of bassist John Waldock, the group ventured on a brief tour of the US in 2014, and is currently in the process of writing and recording its first full-length album. Future goals: conquer the world. Full stop.

Just Alternative
Since December of 2011 Insuburban Avenue has been establishing a reputation of producing quality musicianship and energetic live performances throughout the greater Seattle area. With Bree Leaitu on vocals, Avery Johnston on lead guitar, Cameron Smith on rhythm guitar, Jon Howard on bass, and TJ Wheeler on drums, IA creates a modern perspective to the Alternative Rock genre.

Poor Traits are a Vancouver based female fronted rock group formed in 2014. After focusing on writing a collection of emotionally driven, hard hitting songs, the band self recorded their debut full length album Minor Setbacks over the course of the summer. Since the release of the album, the band has played a handful of local shows and recorded an acoustic EP By The Fire set for a March 2015 release. Poor Traits are geared to demonstrate the depth of their sound and put their hearts out on the stage.

What to write here. It seems like quite a daunting task to write about yourself, but here goes. I come from a family of musicians, so it’s always been a part of me. All sorts of music have had such a strong impact on me that I feel the need to constantly be around it, whether it’s playing in my bands (Alea Rae, Violet, the list goes on and on), filling in on various instruments for other people, writing, recording, producing, going to shows, or even just putting on some of my favourite tunes. So yeah, come on the hype train to nowhere and try to enjoy the ride.


Promo material for Coffee Eyes, an ‘awkward’ pop-rock band based out of Victoria, BC.

This image can be seen across their Facebook imagery as well as on their Twitter and Bandcamp headers.


Recently had the pleasure of designing some nice clean designs for folk-rock band Gleneagle. These pieces are an album art design (above) and j-card (AKA: A tape – below) featuring photos taken by the bands singer and all around nice-guy, Jackson Gardner.

keeping with the simple theme, I created a website that features only their social feeds, streams of their music and a full width background to tie into their look.

Originally the designs were envisioned to use Helvetica, but I said no.



Fighting For Ithaca Noodle Time Poster

Dear Friends!

Fighting For Ithaca is back at it again with fresh faces – new drummer Sheldon Stenning (oh hi that’s me ok) and new guitar player “Justin from Facebook”! Come celebrate as we welcome Sheldon and Justin to the FFI family!

Fighting For Ithaca
No strangers to hard work and perseverance, Fighting For Ithaca are one the longest standing pop-punk bands left in the city. With charting radio singles like “Last Chance” and “Do What You Wanna”, FFI have successfully carved out their own place in the Canadian music scene. Despite rotations in the line up, FFI shows no signs of slowing down and continues their reputation of having one of the most entertaining shows in the scene.

This Side of Town

Quickly becoming one of the most prominent bands in the pop-punk scene, TSOT have proven they are here to stay and are ready to impress the shit out of you. Fresh off a successful US tour, and fronted by a powerful female voice, TSOT is the band to keep your eyes on.

Chase Your Words
Pop-punk heartthrobs CYW are here to serenade you with their infectious hooks and bouncy pop songs. Boasting an impressive online following, CYW has demonstrated they have crafted a sound that appeals to a huge market. Bring your dancing shoes.

1 For The Losing Team
Punk rockers 1FTLT have something to prove. As a new band on the scene, they have dug their heels in the sand and have spent the last year sharing the stage with some of the city’s biggest local acts. With an edgy punk sound akin to Rise Against, this is an opening band you show up at the venue early to catch!

//////The Deets
Friday October 4
Olympia Restaurant
10275 King George Highway, Surrey
All Ages / Licensed (19+)
$12 Presales
$15 at the door
7:00 doors


I’m super proud to be the one to announce such a special show at my favorite pizza joint in BC: Olympia Pizza.

This will be Phil of Fighting For Ithaca’s very last show with his band. Come see Phil off and wish him the very best. He’ll probably make a ton of mom jokes. Facebook the event here.

From Curtis: “Yes, this is actually Phil’s last show. Phil came to us about a year ago and expressed his concern about continuing with music while his family was growing. Truth be told, I was expecting the news to come eventually. Trying to raise two beautiful children, maintain a full-time job and pursue music professionally would be unmanageable for anyone. The time has come for him to hang up his sticks.

Phil is my best friend and I very much respect his decision. It is the right one for him and his family. Everyone is on excellent terms about all of this. We did a lot of thinking together and we decided that we want to celebrate all of the good times we have had with him and then send him off in to the sunset. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT for you all to be at this show. This is his last musical journey and we need you to give him the celebration he deserves.

As for the rest of FFI, because we have been aware of this and kept it quiet for quite some time, we already have a new drummer in place. The new drummer has Phil’s FULL support but more on that later…..

In the meantime….GET HERE!”

Plus an added bonus: The legend himself, Justin From Facebook, will be debuting as FFI’s new guitarist. So come out and hit on him, he’s legal.

See you there!

//////The Bands:

Fighting For Ithaca
Vancouver Pop Punk
A band that likes short walks to the fridge, band snuggles and bad jokes. Love ‘em or hate ‘em they’re here to stay.

Trace The Sky
Vancouver Island Alt Post Hardcore
Formed in the Winter of 2012, Trace The Sky is made up of former members of Dead Eyes Open and The Perfect Trend. With a common goal of creating honest music that has no boundaries, and no limit to how “heavy” or “melodic” each song has to be, TTS is a band that is clearly influenced by many genres, and is proud of it.

Alleyway Saints
North Delta or something Alt Punk
With an energy that knows no bounds, Alleyway Saints is a collaboration between Patrick Farrugia and Glenn Hall that was fuelled by the goal of creating a band as interesting to watch as they are to listen to. Embrace the weird. Use it. Own it.

Bryan Bryan Michael
Vancouver Acoustic Folk Punk
Formerly of Sharks! On Fire!, Bryan is here to play some heartfelt acoustic songs about his life and maybe a girl (by accident).

//////The Deets
Friday August 8
Olympia Resto
10275 King George Highway, Surrey
All Ages / Licensed (19+)
$12 Presales
$15 at the door
7:00 doors

2014 May 23

My good friends and previous tour buddies Trace The Sky had their tour-van broken into the last time they were on the road. They commissioned me to make this poster for their fundraiser show to try and replace some of their stolen items. My heart goes out to them because they’re one of the most genuine and hard working bands out there.

Please check em out.

Sharks On Fire Final Show Poster

Sharks broke up about a month ago, and this is the show poster I made for the finale show. This poster features hand written lyrics from the single we released as our break-up song, “Sharko Polo” as well as a message personally thanking all our fans. We had a great run and we love you so much. You can read more about it on the Sharks On Fire website over here.

Poster spec:
Ultra Glossy UV-Protected Coating


The astounding Jony Roy shot a mini-documentary at the show about the band. Definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan:

Sharks On Fire - Sharko Polo

This is the last single ever recorded by Sharks! On Fire! as our final break-up song. Check out the music video shot by DC Film:

And download it for free from the Sharks On Fire Bandcamp.


She moved but you know she’s a hurricane
In her world, every day is rain
Read what you wrote but still acted the same
The landlord had a noise complaint

What did you put in to the cemetery? It wasn’t that long ago.
God was a man who never fit in, but it wasn’t for him to know.

I can’t believe that you actually let me kill myself!
I’m a joke so poorly told, it’s unfunny – but I can’t help but laugh in your face.
It doesn’t matter anyway
It’s the same dream every day.

How does it feel when the mirror doesn’t look back?
At the time, you could meet your own gaze.
Now I’m bored cause it feels like an attack
On the fun we had back in better days

I can’t believe you actually let me kill myself!
Is there anything you’re scared of now?

She moved but you know she’s a hurricane
In her world, every day is rain
Read what you wrote but still acted the same
The landlord called the cops again

This is what it’s like to be cold, to be young, to live in a city too expensive for everyone
This is what it’s like to be scared there’s still danger, to be an adult but everyone are still strangers
This is what it’s like to be pressed into the sun, held up so high and seen by everyone
This is what it’s like to feel useless when everything is fine.

I’m a joke so poorly told, it’s unfunny – but I can’t help but laugh in your face.
It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s the same dream every day.

I can’t believe you actually let me kill myself.

Say Goodbye to S!OF

I feel like I’ve been uploading nothing but Sharks On Fire show posters lately, but rest assured I have much more on the go. This one is for our Kamloops show, as part of our very last BC/Alberta tour. If you haven’t heard, YES IT’S TRUE. The band is breaking up. Here’s a video blog I made about it a couple weeks ago, if you haven’t seen it:

For the latest on all the last shows we have planned, check out the break-up event page on Facebook. We have up-coming dates in Surrey, Kamloops, Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Victoria, Kelowna, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary.


Olympia Pizza Party Poster

It must be noted that I ate this whole pizza by myself.

Whether you love Valentine’s day or hate it, come celebrate it being over with a loved one (or by yourself) and have a bunch of booze at my favourite pizza place!


Sharks! On Fire! / Vancouver Punk Pop
Every day, the same dream.

No, Boy / Richmond Ditch Punk
Ditch music from a Ditch town.

Alleyway Saints / North Delta Alternative
Embrace the weird. Use it. Own it.

The Plodes / Vancouver Popcore
Expressionist punk-pop songs for children of the future.

Ten bucks at the door
All Ages (19+ booze)
Olympia Pizza
10257 King George

Go to the Facebook event! Right now!